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Hello !

2014-05-27 15:11:46 by HannaTheHedgie

Hello everyone ! I'm HannaTheHedgie and I'm an 11 year old cartoon artist ! :3

I have over 30 Sonic OC's in my Sonic OC book , I'll try post them but you will frequently see Hanna the hedgehog


I'm also on Scratch : HannaTheHedgie

So follow me there too and know me better !

It'd also be kind of you if you help me on this website .

Thanks ! xx



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2014-05-27 18:02:31

This is gonna sound super noob-like of me but, what does "OC" mean?

Also, kudos on the skill! When I was 11 I could barely draw a proper face!

HannaTheHedgie responds:

OC means Original Character , it's a character you created


2014-05-27 23:18:35

Welcome to Newgrounds! :D

HannaTheHedgie responds:

Thanks ! :)